Sofia Richie Fires Back at Kourtney Kardashian's 'Hooker' Comment

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sofia richie and scott disick
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On the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kourtney Kardashian commented on her ex and baby daddy Scott Disick's love life saying, "He's out photographed with a different hooker every day.”

And according to Radar Online, Scott's current girlfriend, 19-year-old Sofia Richie, didn't take too kindly to those comments

  • According to a "Radar" source, Sofia thinks Kourtney is "a jealous and bitter old hag."

    sofia richie and scott disick
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    "Sofia was actually really upset about Kourtney's hooker comments and she took it very personal," said the source. "She thinks that Kourtney is just a jealous and bitter old hag and that she needs to shut the f**k up!"

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  • Um, excuse me??

  • Kourtney has said on the show that Scott will not let her live her own life with her boyfriend, Younes Bendjima.

    kourtney k boyfriend
    Neil Warner/Splash News

    Kourtney has been dating Younes, a 24-year-old boxer, for about a year now. 

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  • Apparently, Sofia also had some feelings about that.

    sofia and scott
    Picture Perfect/Splash News

    The source told Radar:

    "Kourtney is full of s**t that Scott won't let her have her own life because she keeps inserting herself back into his.

    Scott is falling in love with Sofia and she is falling for him and Sofia just wants Kourtney to leave them both alone."

  • If this is true, Kourtney probably isn't too bothered about it. She seems to be pretty over Scott (and his "hookers").