Kris Jenner Getting Tipsy & Making Prank Calls Is Exactly What You Needed Today

kris jenner
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This Sunday's episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians will show Kris Jenner and Khloe Kardashian enjoy a day of wine tasting together. As fans of the reality show already know, Kris loves her wine -- so, needless to say, she gets a tad tipsy. 

  • Kris starts making prank calls to a hotel and a bakery. Khloe can't even control her laughter throughout the clip and it's honestly hilarious.

    "Hello, can I please have Khloe Kardashian's room?" Kris asks a hotel employee on the phone. "Oh that's wild! I think she's under a, I don't know another name. I think it's like Funny Bunny or Fred Flinstone. That's the two that I know she normally goes under."

    Kris's second call is to a bakery. She asks the employee about seasonal pastries and recommendations for a good "toeologist."

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  • We can't even deal!

  • And this isn't the first time that Kris got a little wine drunk and had everyone cracking up.

    In a previous episode of KUWTK, Kris, Khloe, and Kourtney are wine tasting and Kris is (once again) the life of the party. 

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  • Hey, Kris works hard. A momager deserves to have some fun once in a while too.

  • It's official, I am Kris Jenner, and Kris Jenner is me.