Kate Middleton Is Seriously Being Shamed for Her Baby Bump


When we first found out that Kate Middleton is expecting her third child, we were overjoyed, but as it turns out, not everyone felt the same. Now that she officially looks pregnant, people are shaming Kate's bump, and it's not okay.

  • On Tuesday, Kate showed off her bump for the first time at an event promoting mental health. It's small, but it's totally adorable.

    If you ask us, she's killing it in that blue dress, and seeing her bump in action just gets us more excited to meet George and Charlotte's little sibling. Unfortunately, so far, these new photos are drawing a lot of criticism -- and most of it is really uncalled for.

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  • This person compared Kate and Will to rabbits... as in, they're multiply constantly.

    But honestly, can we consider three kids who are each two years apart the same thing as rabbits multiplying? Probably not, because that's actually a pretty standard age gap a lot of parents choose to follow.

  • Another body shamed her and bump shamed her all at the same time, pointing out how tiny her tummy is.

  • And others just went straight for her appearance in general.

    Can we give this woman a break? It's not like she's not leading a country, raising children, and growing a human all at the same time or anything.

  • But regardless of internet trolls, you have to admit her little bump is so precious.

    And considering Kate's battle with hyperemesis gravidarum, we already know that pregnancy is difficult for her, so we really hope she isn't letting mean tweets get her down. 

  • Then again, who are we kidding? Kate knows she's fabulous no matter what anyone else says.

    And we're too busy counting down the days until she gives birth to care what the haters say. Judging by how adorable Charlotte and George are, we know baby number three is going to be an absolute angel.

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