Josh Duggar's Latest Move Is All Sorts of Suspicious


Since Josh Duggar's cheating and molestation scandal came to light a few years ago, he's mostly been flying under the radar. But now? It looks like he missed out on a major moment in his daughter's life. Josh was absent from Mackynzie's birthday party last weekend, and he's legit missing from every photo. 

  • Even though Josh has been kept away from Counting On, it's not like the family's been acting like he doesn't exist.

    In fact, he showed up in this photo on Anna's twitter at the end of August, so we've just been assuming everything is fine between them. 

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  • But then, over the weekend, the Duggar family Facebook shared this photo from Mackynzie's birthday outing, and... Josh was nowhere to be seen.

    Totally absent. Maybe not even invited? 

  • He's not in this picture, either, but then again, neither is Anna. Still, we're pretty suspicious...

  • And it gets even weirder when you realize that Josh was actually at Marcus's birthday a few months ago, so why is he missing now?

    Did something happen between Josh and Anna that made her forbid him from going to Mackyznie's party? Or maybe it was a girls' only outing? We don't want to assume their family is going through anything beyond what they've already had to overcome, but it definitely looks fishy.

  • If you need us, we'll be here, waiting for updates. There's no way we're going to miss a possible divorce announcement!