Kate Middleton Finally Emerges & Shows Off Her Baby Bump

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The moment has finally arrived -- the day we get a peek at Kate Middleton's baby bump! To royal watchers, this has been sport, hoping to score the ultimate sighting of the Duchess of Cambridge pregnant with baby number three. But because Kate hasn't been feeling well, she's been very low-key and has had to cancel outings. Thankfully, she's feeling better and was able to attend an event at Buckingham Palace for World Mental Health Day along with Prince William and Prince Harry. All eyes were on that baby bump.

  • The first look is the greatest.

    We recognize that Kate doesn't look very pregnant at all, but considering her size, we do see a tiny little baby bump. She is believed to be about three months along. We're thrilled to see her out, and not only because we've missed her fashion choices and we really wanted to see any glimpse of pregnancy, but also because we know she hasn't been feeling well due to her condition, hyperemesis gravidarum.  

    This condition has caused Kate to miss George's first day at school. The last time she was seen out in public was six weeks ago. 

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  • Now about that dress ....

    Now that we got the bump glimpse out of the way, let's also talk about that dress that Kate so perfectly shows off her little bump in. It's by Temperley -- that lace is divine, especially at the cuffs of the sleeves. The midi length is always a showstopper. And we shouldn't read into the blue at all. Kate just loves that color. (When do we start making guesses on boy or girl?!)

  • Let's get back to the bump.

    Royal babies are always going to make us happy, and it really is a beautiful sight to see any woman in any stage of her pregnancy. Kate has another little prince or princess in her belly. George is going to be a big brother; Charlotte will become big sis and still little sis. And, well, we're just so thrilled.

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  • Kate is always magical.

    Kate is such a great mom, humanitarian, and fashion icon. She always manages to look incredible, even after she spent the last couple of months throwing up or dealing with nausea. (Hey, that's her condition!) But that's just Kate for you. So beautiful in every way. Now we can't wait to see her bump grow ... and the ways she chooses to adorn it. Until her next outing!

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