Kim Kardashian, the Queen of Selfies, Says They Are Officially Over

XactpiX/Splash News

kim kardashian west
XactpiX/Splash News
Kim Kardashian is known for her excessive selfie taking -- I mean, she even published a book full of her selfies. But, it looks like the selfie queen is officially growing out of them! *Gasp*

  • In a cute video clip posted to E!'s Twitter, Kim and Khloe Kardashian had some fun with a game of "Would You Rather."

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  • When Khloe asked her to choose between never posting a selfie again or never snapchatting, Kim shockingly DIDN'T choose to ditch her beloved selfie.

    Kim said, "I kind of feel like selfies are a few years ago."

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  • We know the girl loves her Snapchat, but would her Snapchat even exist without selfies??

    Time is a flat circle. 

  • Khloe also asked her if she would rather lose another diamond in the ocean or get another vampire facial -- and Kim had another surprising answer.

    She said she'd rather lose another diamond! That's interesting due to the fact that she had a meltdown over losing her diamond earring on an older episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

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  • Apparently, we didn't know Kim as well as we thought we did!