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15 Times Kate Middleton & Prince William Couldn't Keep Their Hands Off Each Other

kate middleton and prince william close
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Recently, Prince Harry made headlines for engaging in a little PDA with his girlfriend Meghan Markle at the Invicitus Games. More than being excited over simply seeing the two together (which is rare), people were in awe over how Meghan and Harry DGAF about engaging in a little PDA -- something Kate Middleton and Prince William rarely do. As it turns out, there's a reason Harry can be affectionate with his girlfriend in public, while William can't -- but hey, doesn't mean the duke and duchess don't get "frisky" in front of the cameras from time to time. 

As we recently learned, the reason William and Kate need to keep it pretty profesh in public is because they're set to be the King and Queen of England one day. Harry, on the other hand, is not. While people may be interested in what Harry does now, there will come a day when it's more about William and Kate's children -- and Harry knows it. So basically, there's less pressure on Harry and it's generally accepted that he can be a little more ... cheeky than his older brother. (Think about it: Do folks pay attention to what any of Queen Elizabeth's children other than Prince Charles do? No. Does anyone even know who the Queen's other children are?!)

Of course, all of this said, that doesn't mean William and Kate don't heart each other. They may not be able to make out in public, but they still show affection toward each other in their own way. And we must say, it's very royal. 

We're assuming the duke and duchess are a little more intimate behind closed doors, but here are 15 times they've shown "PDA" in public. When folks are royal, they have to do things their own way sometimes. 

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2The Kiss

William and Kate's wedding day kiss. Maybe the first (and last?) time we'll ever see them smooch?

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3Touching the Small of Her Back

It's OK, guys. Everybody gets a little freaky on vacation. 

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5Back Seat of My Jeep

Aw, look at these two love birds all cozied up together in the back seat of their ... limo.

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6Movie Premiere Love

That time the duke and duchess sauntered into the premiere of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom ... walking really close to each other!

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7It's On

Just when things are getting hot and heavy between the duke and duchess at a gymnastics event ...

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8It's Off

... Prince Harry shows up. Kate looks thrilled. Major buzzkill, dude. 

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11It's Off Again

And then did the same to his brother. Damn you, Harry!

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12Aww, Sharing Popcorn

If one thing means love, it's this. 

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14Sweet Nothings

The lean, the hand on his thigh, the whisper -- yep, it's love!


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