Kate Middleton's Nightmare Pregnancy Is Finally Getting Better

kate middleton laughing
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As we all know, thanks to it being reported countless times, Kate Middleton's pregnancies are rough. And not, like, rough in the "ew get that tuna sandwich away from me" sense, but rough in the "vomiting dozens of times a day and having to be hospitalized" sense. As with her pregnancies with George and Charlotte, the world was informed of Kate's third baby due to her being hospitalized. Not exactly a fun way to make a pregnancy announcement. But! It sounds like she may have turned a corner and things might be getting better for the duchess. Here's hoping!

  • A source close to the Middleton family said that Kate is feeling much better now that she's in the second trimester.

    "She has such a rotten time during these early months," the source told E! News. "But she's out of the woods now and doing well." Woot!

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  • In fact, it's being reported that Kate's even enjoying her pregnancy right now.

    Yass queen. Or, you know, yass princess.

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  • And get ready, people: The duchess is even planning on returning to her royal duties in the near future.

    On Tuesday, Kate, along with Prince William and Prince Harry, is set to attend a reception at Buckingham Palace as part of World Mental Health Day. 

  • Here's to hoping the rest of Kate's pregnancy is smoothing sailing and uneventful.

    If anyone deserves a break right now, it's her. Sit back and relax, honey. Nobody likes barfing.