Princess Charlotte's Future Daughter Will Never Be a Princess Like Her Mum

princess charlotte carried by kate
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Who gets titles and when (and why) in the British monarchy can be a little confusing, being that the rules date back hundreds of years. But hearing the royal family's latest (seemingly random) rule has us downright confused. Apparently, if Princess Charlotte has a daughter one day, she won't be a princess -- but Prince George's will be. 


Evidently, the only way to become a princess in Britain is if your father is a prince, which explains Charlotte's title, or if you marry a prince, which makes the Duchess of Cambridge's title a little murky. Apparently though, even though Kate Middleton isn't referred to as Princess Catherine, that's exactly what she is. When she married Prince William, she effectively became Princess William of Wales, in addition to Her Royal Highness, Duchess of Cambridge.

As Good Housekeeping reports, Kate's princess title was confirmed after the birth of Prince George, as his birth certificate revealed that her official occupation is Princess of the United Kingdom. It's been said that Kate has declined to go by "Princess" since Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, does not. Camilla's official title is "Princess of Wales," but obviously it's still very much associated with the late Princess Diana.

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As with many things associated with the royal family, there's the faint waft of sexism when it comes to inheriting titles. This also explains why Beatrice and Eugenie, the daughters of Prince Andrew, are princesses, but Zara Phillips, the daughter of Princess Anne, is not.

There's a decent chance that, as a courtesy, whoever the king is when Charlotte gives birth (Prince Charles or Prince William), he will give her the option of giving her children a title -- whether or not she wants them to have one is up to her. 

Or hey, maybe if Kate Middleton has anything to do with it, by then the rules will different. Times, they are a changing, people. 

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