16 Times Meghan Markle Channeled Kate Middleton's Style

16 Times Meghan Markle Channeled Kate Middleton's Style
Image: Andrew Kelly/Reuters/Splash News

meghan markle waving
Andrew Kelly/Reuters/Splash News

We've been seeing a lot more of Meghan Markle these days and we have to say: We're not hating it. We also have to say that, in addition to being impressed with her career and humanitarian work, daaaaamn. The woman has good style. It's sleek, it's sophisticated, and it's also a lot like Kate Middleton's. Whether she's kicking it with a casual look or out for a night on the town, Meghan always keeps it classic. (Sound like anyone else we know?)

Of course, Meghan isn't yet royalty -- and it's highly unlikely she'll ever be the Queen of England -- so she has a little more leeway when it comes to her wardrobe than the duchess. That said, almost everything she wears reminds us of Kate Middleton just a little. Maybe it's wishful thinking or maybe the women really are long lost style twins. (Cut to a montage of the girls raiding each other's closets at Kensington Palace, please.)

Since she's started dating Prince Harry, Meghan has obviously been much more scrutinized than ever. But even before she became a household name, her style was clean, crisp, and classy. Just like Kate. Whether she's wearing a knee-length dress and coat or a pair of go-to nude pumps (sound familiar?), Meghan always looks timeless. And although we're not huge fans of comparing the women, it's almost impossible to overlook their sartorial similarities. Guess the Wales boys have a type. 

Here are 16 times Meghan Markle channeled Kate Middleton's style. Or maybe it's the other way around?

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