Kourtney Kardashian Is Not Here for Scott Disick's Drama Anymore

Kourtney Kardashian April 2017
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Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick may have three kiddos together, but that's about all it sounds like the eldest KarJenner sis wants to share with her ex. At least judging from a pretty wild interaction she had with mom Kris Jenner in a preview of the next Keeping Up With the Kardashians ep. In the clip, the mother-daughter duo discuss Disick's antics, and Kourt tries to explain to Kris that his seemingly genuine attempts to win her back are just for show. What's more, she's sick of Scott being "photographed with hookers."


It all starts when Kourtney asks her mom how Scott acted while she was on vacay in Mexico.  

"I think that he was jealous because you were having fun spending time with other people," Kris explains.

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Kourtney's reply:

"Well that's really not fair. It's just like I can't even live my life. I can't even go anywhere. He needs to get a f--king life and leave me alone. All he does is try to make everybody else feel bad for him and try to make me look like the bad guy in this situation when clearly I'm not from 10 years of this going on."

When Kris challenged whether her eldest really wants her ex to leave her alone, and described him as someone "right there giving you their heart on a platter," Kourtney countered, "He's not! He's not though! That's what he makes it seem! To you, to Kim, to Khloe, to the world, to everybody! He sits there and grovels and feels bad for himself. So if that was his truth, why can't he get it together?"

She makes a pretty strong point. Truly, despite constant filming and paparazzi and all the other trappings of a Kardashian reality star existence, no one was in Kourtney and Scott's relationship but the two of them. Kourtney has accumulated years (as she reminded her mother) of experience and evidence that has obviously led her to believe getting back together with Scott isn't what's best. And perhaps keeping him at arm's length is? 

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Kourtney summed up her feelings by saying she's the one who "has to handle it" when Scott "is photographed with a different hooker every day." Ouch. Granted, these days her ex is making headlines instead for his relationship with 19-year-old girlfriend Sofia Richie.

Nonetheless, this convo makes it clear that Kourtney's over any headaches caused by her ex, and who could blame her?!

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