Jessa Duggar Gets Called Out for Being a 'Mean Girl'

Jessa Duggar Seewald

And here we didn't think any of the Duggar daughters had a mean bone in their bodies. Fans recently called out Jessa Duggar for being a mean girl, after she posted a video of her two sons having their first wrestling match.

  • Inexplicably, this sweet video of Spurgeon and Henry brought out the haters.

    I believe I just witnessed their first wrestling match... 🙈 #boymom #momreferee

    A post shared by Jessa Seewald (@jessaseewald) on

    One person commented, "Any chance jessa will start disciplining spirgeon and get him off the bottle? Or he gonna be allowed to have meltdowns and chew on his bottle until age 5." Another added, "They do not discipline spurgin."

    For the record, Internet, it's spelled Spurgeon.

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  • Jessa previously was slammed by people on the Internet for letting her toddler son have a bottle.

    Because you know, having a bottle while you're still in diapers is apparently going to cause lasting psychological damage or something. Obviously the sign of a terrible mother there.

    Anyway, the video above brought out even more haters, and people commented not just on her mothering skills, but also how she domineers her husband, Ben Seewald. One person said, "Spurgeon seems to always be having a tantrum too. You can tell from the show that Ben tries to discipline him but I'm sure jessa comes in and undermines him and screws it all up."

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    Another responded, "Undermining Ben is her favorite activity. Poor guy he always looks so sad like he's really struggling emotionally or something. It can't be easy dealing with her, especially when she doesn't discipline the kids and leaves the meltdowns for Ben to deal with."

  • Fans think Jessa's "Mean Girl" status has been cemented for years by her family.

    One person wrote, "Ben looks so sad lately it's concerning and I'm not going to say jessa is a bad person or anything like that but I'm not even a religious person and I speak to people a lot nicer than she does."

    Another chimed in, "She's been doing it for years. I think that she gets cute and sassy mixed up with actually coming off rude. It's like a baby.. if you laugh at something they do they're going to keep doing it to get attention. Jessas family jokes about her being a delegator and sassy and so she's just rude all the time now. That's what happens when you don't live in the real world and learn actual social skills."

    On the family's Facebook page, someone added, "She's a mean girl and on the show she tries to hog up most of the conversation and likes everything centered around her. More Jana and less Jessa please."

    We had no idea people hated Jessa so much! We wonder how her sisters really feel about her? In their book Growing Up Duggar, Jessa and Jana confessed that they had butted heads a lot growing up, and when they were forced to share a bunk bed in order to learn to get along, Jessa would kick the bed from the bottom just to upset her big sister. We thought maybe she grew out of such petty nonsense, but maybe not.

  • Another fan pointed out that it may just be Jessa's "coping mechanism."

    On Facebook, someone shared the opinion, "As for her being targeted as being a 'mean girl' do people ever think that it could just be her coping mechanism?" Coping from what is unclear, but probably the general misogyny that exists in Fundamentalism.

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    It's true that Jessa can come across a little bit bossy sometimes, but her sisters seem to have no problem standing up to her, and she clearly follows her husband's leadership, whether you agree with that lifestyle or not. All in all, we'd say Jessa is just fine.