Kim Kardashian Flashes Pricey Gifts, Despite Panic Attacks Over Paris Robbery

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Celebrity Monitor/Splash News

It appears that Kim Kardashian West is getting back to her old self. After her traumatic Paris robbery, Kim said she would take a step back from flaunting her wealth to the public. However, despite the fact that she still suffers anxiety from the horrific experience, she recently showed off some pretty blinged-out items on her social media

  • In a heartbreaking sneak peek of this Sunday's episode of "KUWTK," Kim suffers a panic attack while on vacation in Mexico.

    In the clip, Kim and her friends had just arrived in Mexico for a girls' trip to celebrate Kourtney Kardashian's birthday. Kim quickly becomes anxious and calls the owner of the house, Joe Francis. 

    She is shown crying while asking him, "Are you sure it's safe here?" 

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  • However, despite Kim's very understandable anxiety from the trauma of the robbery, she has once again been posting flashy products on social media.

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    kimkardashian/Instagram Stories
  • Kim took to Snapchat and Instagram Stories on Thursday to show off some very glamorous gifts from her designer friend Alexander Wang.

    kim k alexander wang
    Kim Kardashian/Snapchat

    The extravagent haul included glittering purses for both her and her daughter North West. 

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  • We're guessing her new and improved security measures are giving her more confidence in being able to return to her old social media habits.

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    "My whole life has changed as far as how I travel," she said to Ellen DeGeneres in April. She continued:

    "I never thought I needed security staying outside my door. Even though I had a lot of jewelry and if you think about it, yeah, I should've had a security guard outside my door 24/7 when I'm traveling and I didn't. Now I have several, just for me to be able to sleep at night."

    As long as Kim is starting to feel more comfortable again, that's all that matters. No one should have to feel unsafe all the time.