Amy Roloff's First Pic With Baby Ember Causes Controversy for the Dumbest Reason

Amy Roloff
Amy Roloff/Facebook

Roloff "fans" really need to make up their minds when it comes to Amy. First they shame the Little People, Big World matriarch for not posting pics of her granddaughter Ember. And now that Amy Roloff finally shares a photo with baby Ember, folks STILL have a damn issue. How can she win?!

  • Amy is so "thankful" for her grandson Jackson, 4 months, and granddaughter Ember, 3 weeks, and shared the most adorable pics of the two on Facebook.

    "Fall -- always reminds me how so much I'm thankful for," the proud grandmom writes in her Facebook post. "These two -- Jackson and Ember top the list. There is so much good in life -- we need to take hold and keep hope alive and Love in our hearts. These two remind me God never leaves us, never lets us go and always love."

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  • This is the first time fans get to see Amy with her newest grandchild -- a moment that brought on all the feels...

  • ... and a bit of shaming, too -- including accusations Amy is hogging up space in her picture.

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  • Others stirred up "why don't you post pics of your granddaughter" sentiments in a nonchalant way.

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  • And they tried to snap at *Amy* for making it hard to see the photo of her with baby Ember.

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  • This kind of foolishness is why we can't have nice things.

    Leave Amy alone.

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