New Photos of Michelle Duggar Have Fans Worried for Her Health

Jim Bob Duggar, Michelle Duggar

Is something going on with Michelle Duggar? Fans seem concerned about the mom of 19, after the family posted pictures of her online. Michelle definitely seems like she's lost some weight, and it's causing some concern amongst her followers.

  • Jim Bob and Michelle took some of their brood to the demolition derby recently.

    "Fun family times at the demolition derby the other night! The boys loved every minute of it!" they captioned the photos on Facebook.

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  • However, some fans couldn't get over how different Michelle seems to look -- and they're worried.

    One person wrote, "Michelle sweetie, your face is looking thinner. I pray you aren't sick. Maybe tired? Don't let stress be your master, take all to God. Just hope you're feeling ok!" Another added, "Probably cuz shes not pregnant no more."

  • She does look like she might have lost some weight in the past few months.

    While she wasn't in any way fat at all when this photo was snapped last July, it's possible she has lost some weight since then. Maybe she's made a change in her diet or exercise? Maybe it's just a trick of the camera?

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  • We think Michelle looks just fine.

    It's hard to speculate on Michelle's health based on a couple photos from a night out with the family, but she looks like she's enjoying life. If she's lost weight, we hope it's just because she's made some lifestyle changes, not because there's anything wrong.