The Real Reason Jana Duggar Is Still Single at 27

Jana Duggar

After a couple more courtship rumors about Jana Duggar were blown out of the water recently, a source close to the family has explained exactly why the 27-year-old daughter of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar is still single.

Jana was linked with both Caleb Williams and his brother Jacob recently, although it turns out they're just family friends. But since the subject was brought up, why isn't she married yet? It certainly goes against the norm for her large family, after all.

  • Despite being the only "older" Duggar daughter left unmarried, Jana isn't caving to the pressure.

    Jana's sisters Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy-Anna are all married, and all but Jinge have kids or a baby on the way already. They also have four younger sisters, Johannah, 11, Jennifer, 10, Jordyn-Grace, 8, and Josie, 7, all of whom obviously aren't in the market for a husband yet.

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  • Some fans have speculated that Jana isn't married because she's too busy acting as a servant for her family.

    She's even been dubbed "Cinderella Duggar" for the amount of chores she's seen doing on Counting On, as well as on social media. She always seems busy fixing something up or sewing, or minding the younger kids.

  • However, an insider has revealed the real reason Jana is still single at 27.

    A source close to the family revealed to Radar Online that Jana is "picky," and even if she weren't, she doesn't exactly have the time for a relationship right now anyway.

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    The insider said, "She's hardly ever home. She lives at home, but she has a job. She's not stressed about getting married ... [she's] forming her own path."

  • You do you, Jana.

    At the end of the day, Jana is just 27 years old. She has plenty of time to get married and have babies, if that's what she chooses to do. For right now, it sounds like she's keeping busy living her own life. Exactly as she should be.