18 Celebs Who've Made Their Second Marriage Last

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A lot of the time when people are young they will marry the first man or woman that they fall in love with -- sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't. Unfortunately divorce is a very common thing, as we all know -- and so is getting remarried when someone more compatible comes along. And if divorce seems common to all of the "regular" people out there, just think, it's even more common for the rich and famous. 


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There are tons of celebrities who have been married two, three, even four times! So for those who are able to find their soul mate by their second marriage, that's actually pretty good. And honestly, when it comes to some of these celebrity couples, it's kind of hard to picture them with anyone else other than their current spouses. 

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These couples will seriously give people second marriage goals! So for those who've been divorced, don't lose hope, because folks can definitely still find the perfect companion. 

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Here are 18 celebrity couples who made their second marriage last and may just be in it together for the long haul. 

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