Joy-Anna Duggar Defends Herself Against Those Shotgun Wedding Rumors

Joy-Anna Duggar, Austin Forsyth

Ever since Joy-Anna Duggar announced her pregnancy and posted her first baby bump pic, fans have been wondering if she and Austin Forsyth had a shotgun wedding. She does seem to be showing a lot for someone who ostensibly didn't even have sex until the end of May, but it may just be that she's one of those ladies who shows super early.

  • Joy-Anna and Austin announced their pregnancy at the end of August, just three months after they tied the knot.

    We originally believed they were shooting for an October wedding, so we were pretty surprised when they announced that they were married on May 26. Was the original date a decoy, or did they bump it up to cover up her growing baby bump?

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  • How far was she when she announced?

    Given the timing of this photo, if she and Austin conceived on their wedding day, she would've been 14 weeks along. Fans questioned how much she was showing, however, since a lot of first-time moms don't pop that much until much closer to 20 weeks.

  • 14 weeks?

    This photo was posted the same time as the one above. Hmmm, have they ruled out twins yet? Because that is suspiciously large for 14 weeks pregnant.

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  • Joy-Anna finally answers our questions with another (much bigger!) bump photo.

    Earlier this week, Joy-Anna posted another photo of her burgeoning belly, and added the caption, "It's already about the size of a bell pepper and weighs around half a pound!!!"

    Many popular pregnancy tools online describe an 18-week fetus as the size of a bell pepper, and using a pregnancy calculator, it looks like Joy-Anna did conceive within a week or two of her wedding! Of course it's possible she's still throwing us off, but in the end, does it really matter? She and Austin seem to be happily settling into married life, and they're super excited to be parents. That's all that matters.