15 Ways Prince William & Prince Harry Are Just Like Princess Diana

15 Ways Prince William & Prince Harry Are Just Like Princess Diana
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prince harry and prince william
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There will never be another royal quite like Princess Diana, but more and more, her sons Prince William and Prince Harry are reminding us of their inimitable mother. From Prince William's empathy to Prince Harry's cheeky ways, every so often we can't help but see Lady Di in her boys. Not doubt, she would have absolutely loved that. And no doubt, it's truly the highest form of flattery. 

Prince William and Prince Harry have made it more than clear that they want to keep their mother's memory -- and her actions -- alive. On numerous occasions, the boys have spoken out on the importance of continuing on with their mother's traditions and charities. But more than that, through their actions, they've come to really embody Princess Diana at times. 

William and Harry are of course close with their father and possess some of his qualities, but every so often it's impossible not to be reminded of their late mother. Princess Diana was never one to stick with traditions (Harry) and was always one to really touch people's lives (William). She made sure she had fun in everything she did (Harry) and was always up for a naughty giggle (Harry, again).

If Diana were alive today, she would be so proud of her sons. And who knows if they would possess so many of her traits were she here? But one thing is for certain: Harry and William are keeping their mother alive in the sweetest ways possible. Whether they realize it or not. 

Here are 15 ways Harry and William remind us of Princess Diana. 

  • Prince William's Way With People

    prince william
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    It's widely known that Princess Diana had a way of connecting with people -- and every time we see William really touch someone's life, we'll always think of his mother. 

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  • Prince Harry's Wild Ways


    Diana was anything but a rule-follower -- and her youngest son definitely follows in her footsteps from time to time. Remember the prince's wild trip to Vegas a few years ago? Oh, Harry, you cheeky monkey. 

  • Prince William on the Cover of 'Attitude'


    Last year, Prince William was the first member of the royal family to appear on the cover of a gay lifestyle magazine. As everyone knows, Princess Diana's work with the LGBT community was very near and dear to her heart. 

  • Prince Harry's Easy Around Children


    He may not have kids of his own yet, but, just like his mother, Harry is always super comfortable -- and pretty adorable -- around little ones. 

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  • Harry & Diana's Land Mine Work


    In 1997, Princess Diana traveled to Angola to raise awareness on the dangers of land mines. She even walked through a minefield. In the past few years, Harry has visited minefields himself, and has kept his promise to continue his mother's work and honor the victims of land mines. 

  • Their Work With Mental Health Issues

    prince william and harry causes
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    Just as Diana admitted to suffering from bulimia and depression, both William and Harry have discussed the issues they've dealt with in dealing with their mother's death. Touching upon about mental health taboos isn't exactly the royal family way. 

  • Sticking Up for Their Loved Ones & Chastising the Media

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    Earlier on this year, Prince Harry issued a statement defending his girlfriend, Meghan Markle, after she and her mother were harassed by the paparazzi, and a few years ago Wills did the same when topless sunbathing photos of Kate Middleton were published. Diana was never okay with the paparazzi being in her kids' faces and would often say so. 

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  • Prince William's Work With Royal Marsden Hospital

    prince william hospital
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    Currently, Prince William is president of the Royal Marsden Hospital, which is the same cancer institute his mother represented from 1989 until she died in 1997. Back in August, consultant medical oncologist Professor Martin Gore, who worked with Diana, said of William: "He has that same wonderful sympathy, down-to-earth nature, way of speaking to patients and staff, and really getting engaged."

  • Harry's Ability to Have Fun Anywhere

    prince harry dancing
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    No matter where Prince Harry is or what he's doing, he's able to dance, laugh, and put a smile on his face. Sounds like someone else we know. 

  • Prince Harry's Work With AIDS and HIV

    prince harry hiv test
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    In August of 2016, Prince Harry got tested for HIV publicly on World AIDS Day. This, obviously, was an issue very near and dear to Princess Diana's heart. 

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  • Prince William's 'Dad Dancing'


    In March of this year, Prince William was caught letting his hair down and "dad dancing" in Verbier. A few people were up in arms, but would Diana care? Doubtful since she's rumored to have dressed up like a man once to go out dancing with Freddie Mercury at a gay bar. 

  • Their Support of Centrepoint


    One of Diana's most special charities was Centrepoint, an organization that supports the homeless youth. She took Prince William and Prince Harry to Centrepoint hostels when they were younger, and the to this day, the princes are associated with the charity. 

  • Prince Harry's Naughtiness Around Celebrities

    prince harry and usain bolt
    James Whatling/Splash News

    In 2012, Harry tricked world's fastest man Usain Bolt into losing a race by making him look the other way at the start. Back in her day, Princess Diana had fun with celebrities, as well -- she even did a little Saturday Night Fever dance with John Travolta at the White House once!

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  • They Always Put Their Kids First

    diana and william
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    Just as his mother did with him, Prince William always puts his children first. 

  • They Fully Support the Diana Award


    Both William and Harry support the Diana Award, a charity that aims to inspire positive changes in the lives of young people. The charity was set up in 1999, and without a doubt, it's a cause Princess Diana would get behind. 


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