15 Ways Prince William & Prince Harry Are Just Like Princess Diana

prince harry and prince william
Zak Hussein/Splash News

There will never be another royal quite like Princess Diana, but more and more, her sons Prince William and Prince Harry are reminding us of their inimitable mother. From Prince William's empathy to Prince Harry's cheeky ways, every so often we can't help but see Lady Di in her boys. Not doubt, she would have absolutely loved that. And no doubt, it's truly the highest form of flattery. 


Prince William and Prince Harry have made it more than clear that they want to keep their mother's memory -- and her actions -- alive. On numerous occasions, the boys have spoken out on the importance of continuing on with their mother's traditions and charities. But more than that, through their actions, they've come to really embody Princess Diana at times. 

William and Harry are of course close with their father and possess some of his qualities, but every so often it's impossible not to be reminded of their late mother. Princess Diana was never one to stick with traditions (Harry) and was always one to really touch people's lives (William). She made sure she had fun in everything she did (Harry) and was always up for a naughty giggle (Harry, again).

If Diana were alive today, she would be so proud of her sons. And who knows if they would possess so many of her traits were she here? But one thing is for certain: Harry and William are keeping their mother alive in the sweetest ways possible. Whether they realize it or not. 

Here are 15 ways Harry and William remind us of Princess Diana. 

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