Joy-Anna Duggar Angers Followers by Sharing Pro-Life Message

Austin Forsyth Abortion

Everyone loves a good baby bump photo, right? Well, unless it's mixed with a dose of controversial political opinion, then people really have something to say about it. Joy-Anna (Duggar) and Austin Forsyth posted a new pregnancy photo on Instagram over the weekend -- alongside a couple of very pro-life snaps.

  • Joy-Anna shared this sweet pic with her fans.

    Joy shared that the baby is around the size of a bell pepper, which makes her about 18 weeks pregnant.

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  • "We stand for life."

    Along with the caption on their photo montage, Joy and Austin added the hashtags #childrenareagiftfromGod and #westandforlife. Still nothing too bad, your basic pro-life message.

  • Then things got intense.

    The couple also posted a photo of Austin holding a pro-life rally sign reading "abortion kills children." Commenters had mixed opinions on this one, with some supporting and some criticizing.

    One person wrote, "Why are you posting this with a post about how happy y'all are about your baby?" and another added, "Why don’t [you] just enjoy your baby instead of turning it into a political statement."

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    On the other hand, she did get a lot of support from her followers, with fans adding things like, "she doesn't have to keep her beliefs to herself ... it's HER Instagram, not yours. Don't like it, unfollow her...." and, "amen!!! Babies are a gift from God!"

  • She's hardly the first of her siblings to share a strong pro-life message. Jessa was once slammed for comparing abortion to the Holocaust.

    In 2014, Jessa visited Washington, D.C., and wrote about the experience, "I walked through the Holocaust Museum again today ... very sobering. Millions of innocents denied the most basic and fundamental of all rights -- their right to life. One human destroying the life of another deemed 'less than human.'" 

  • Jill's also caught heat for taking a pro-life stance.

    Earlier this year she upset some followers by posting about a March for Life event. Sheesh, people -- it's almost like their followers don't know how staunchly pro-life this family is?

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  • Anna has gotten her share of controversy over being pro-life too.

    Anna once used a #BlackLivesMatter hashtag to point out the millions of black babies who have been lost because of abortion. It's a sad fact that black babies are much more likely to be aborted than other ethnicities, but she was slammed for pointing it out.

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    The thing about the Duggars is that they're not going to shy away from sharing their pro-life sentiments just because they make people uncomfortable. When you literally believe that abortion ends the life of a child, it's hard to stay quiet about it.