Joy-Anna Duggar & Austin Forsyth Play Hilarious Version of the Newlywed Game

Joy-Anna Duggar, Austin Forsyth

Aww, so cute! In a clip for this week's episode of Counting On, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth played the "Shoe Game," a fun variation on the Newlywed Game. They got some laughs from their family and friends as they revealed how well they knew each other -- right down to who has smellier feet.


The episode was filmed before the pair got married last May, and was a chance to prove their love -- or at least how well they knew each other. Joy and Austin sat back-to-back, and each held one of their own shoes, as well as their partner's.

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Austin explained the game (which was played at their joint bachelor-bachelorette party) to the camera, saying, "You're asked a question ... It if applies to you, then you raise your shoe. And if it applies to your partner, you raise their shoe."

Joy added, "Yeah [and] we're back-to-back, so we don't know what the other person is saying."

To get the ball rolling, a friend asked some simple questions, like who was older (Austin), and who had more siblings (Joy). She also asked who said "I love you" first, and we honestly weren't expecting the answer we got.

"I first said 'I love you' in front of my parents," Joy-Anna confessed. "Austin said that he had wanted to tell me a long time but it was really sweet. He started crying and said 'I love you' too."

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They also made everyone laugh when they were asked who would do the cooking in the house once they got married. Jeremiah Duggar shared his favorite part of the game, saying, "I think the funniest answer I saw was whenever they were trying to figure out who would be doing the cooking in the house ... Austin raised Joy, Joy raised both of them."

Jedidiah Duggar also revealed his favorite moment. He said, "I thought the shoe game was awesome ... But I think one of my favorite questions was probably who had the smelliest feet." They both raised Joy's (stinky) shoe for that one.

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