16 Insanely Accurate Celebrity Pumpkin Carvings

celeb pumpkin carvings

It's October and we all know what that means ... PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! That's right -- pumpkin decorations, lattes, candles, and (of course) pumpkin carving. While some people stick to the classic jack-o'-lantern faces, others go all out and take the activity pretty seriously. Some people who are really dedicated even create their favorite celebrities out of a pumpkin -- and it's insane how amazing they can turn out! 


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Drawing or painting a picture of a celebrity is one thing, but carving one on a pumpkin -- that's a pretty unique talent! It can take hours, the correct tools have to be used, and if a people mess up, they can't erase the mistake. Sounds stressful to me ... and really difficult. 

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However, it's a lot of fun for many people and it's truly amazing what can be done with a pumpkin. Some of these are seriously unbelievable! It's hard to comprehend how they're even real.

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Here are 16 pumpkin carvings that look just like famous musicians, actors, and even athletes. Maybe they will inspire more people to try to create realistic pumpkin designs.