13 Times Kylie Jenner Proved She May Be Ready for Motherhood

Kayla Boyd | Oct 2, 2017 Celebrities
13 Times Kylie Jenner Proved She May Be Ready for Motherhood

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Although everyone is still patiently awaiting confirmation on Kylie Jenner's pregnancy with rapper Travis Scott's baby, we do know one thing -- she has always wanted kids. After all, she grew up with five older siblings, so it's totally understandable that Kylie has aspired to have a big family of her own one day. The reality family is known for being tight-knit and supportive of each other, so it's no surprise that Kylie would like a similar lifestyle. 

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Whether the rumors are true or not, she definitely loves kids, and at the age of 20, she's already had a lot of practice caring for them. From being around her nieces and nephews to spending time with her ex-boyfriends child, it's a pretty safe bet that Kylie knows a little bit about motherhood. 

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She has said many things over the years about what kind of life she wants in the future, and many of those things involve a more relaxed family life. She has made comments about getting rid of social media when she has kids and even living on a farm!

There is no way to know if she will really decide to do that or not, but either way, we're sure she will make a great mom (whether that be now or later). 

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