Jana Duggar's Rumored Boyfriend Breaks His Silence

Jana Duggar

It seems like we get hit with a new Jana Duggar courting rumor every other day or so, and that certainly held true this week, when the Counting On star was linked with two separate gentlemen.


The single 27-year-old was first linked with family friend Caleb Williams, and then with Jacob Wilson. They're apparently both family friends with the Duggars, and share similar religious beliefs. Both men popped up occasionally in photographs posted by the Duggars online, so naturally fans started speculating on romantic possibilities.

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Caleb brushed off the rumors earlier this week, but Jacob made it very clear that he and Jana are not together. He even used all caps, just in case anyone might mistakenly think he was in a relationship with Jana.

"So yeah I just wanna say that this is total bunk. WE ARE NOT IN A RELATIONSHIP," Wilson wrote on Facebook after hearing the rumors.

He continued, "Lol we've been friends for 21 years and all of a sudden! BAM! we just happen to be in the same picture so of course the media has to make up a story about it to sell. So I'm here to clear the water ... it ain't true! moral of the story? Don't believe what you see online."

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Well OK then. We're just saying that he could probably do a lot worse than Jana Duggar, because that girl is awesome and amazing, and we're pretty sure she's not married by choice, not because she hasn't had a ton of interested suitors.

Anyway, we're sure Jana is holding out for the perfect person, and we love that she's not caving to pressure to get married and start having babies as young as possible. Just one more reason she totally rocks.

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