Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna's Child Support Order Is Insane

Jawad Elatab/Splash News

Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna
Jawad Elatab/Splash News

Details of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's child custody and support order have emerged, and we're kind of blown away by the amount of money he reportedly forks over each month. While he does bear the Kardashian name, we can't help but wonder where he's getting the funds, considering that he currently doesn't have a job (or multiple endorsement deals like his sisters).

  • Rob and Chyna share custody of Dream, who will be 1 in November.

    Earlier this month, Chyna dropped her restraining order against Rob, which she had issued after his awful revenge porn tirade. He had slut-shamed her by posting extremely explicit nude photos of her online, and while he did delete them, the Internet is forever and the damage was done.

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  • Rob has reportedly been ordered to pay Chyna $20,000 a month for child support.

    According to TMZ, Chyna dropped the restraining order "in return for getting the cash." They also reported that "the Kardashians felt all along Chyna's motivation was money."

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  • Rob is a sock designer, and has his own company, Arthur George.

    But it's "hardly turning a profit."

  • Rob's sisters are reportedly fronting him the money.

    Some of the $20K is going directly toward nannies, but rumor has it that Rob's mom and sisters are dipping into their sizable fortunes to pay off Blac so that she won't keep Dream away from Rob.

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    What a mess. Rob shouldn't have to pay more than he earns, and it sounds like Blac knows just how to play him. We only hope that Dream grows up knowing just how much her extended family loves her -- and hopefully her parents can get their acts together sooner rather than later.