Joy-Anna Duggar Admits Breaking Multiple Courting Rules With Austin Forsyth

joy anna and austin forsyth

The Duggar family is known for their totally strict dating rules, but does that mean their kids always stick to them? Apparently not. Joy-Anna Duggar revealed she broke courting rules before marrying Austin Forsyth. Scandalous!


On this week's edition of Counting On, Joy-Anna and Austin got real with viewers. You know that whole rule about always having a chaperone while hanging out with the opposite sex? Out the window. And that one about side hugs? Yep, that one got broken, too.

In fact, according to Austin, they broke curfew once because they were out talking for too long. Umm ... if that was all they were doing, there's nothing to worry about there. The way Austin explained it, it sounded like Jim Bob was pissed, but honestly, these two crazy kids needed to talk more before, you know, getting married and committing to a life together. 

And as for their limited contact? Yeah, they hugged for longer than three seconds on occasion. Watch out, y'all. We've got some rebels on our hands!

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No word on whether or not this means we can expect to see Joy in jeans like her big sister Jinger soon, but she is about to welcome a baby of her own. Maybe her and Austin's kid will grow up to be a little rule breaker, too? 

We've had our doubts about these two. They've always been very obviously in love, but they're still so young! Fortunately, though, it looks like they're doing awesome. And if they're willing to admit that every once in a while they're human? Well, that just means they're on the right track.

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