15 Celebrity Duos Who Totally Nailed the Art of Couples Costumes

Kayla Boyd | Sep 28, 2017 Celebrities
15 Celebrity Duos Who Totally Nailed the Art of Couples Costumes
Image: Amy Graves/Getty Images

channing and jenna tatum on halloween
Amy Graves/Getty Images

Couples costumes are a ton of fun. And, when executed properly, they can be the center of attention at any Halloween party. Everyone loves a creative couple costume -- even celebrities. There are tons and tons of celebrity couples who go all out for Halloween, and they may even be able to give us some ideas. Many of them get super creative and go as things that we probably never would have even thought of.  

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For everyone who idolizes a celebrity couple or is just obsessed with seeing how cute some of them can be (guilty), now is the time to take some inspiration from them. Celebrity couples have pulled off some pretty amazing couple costumes over the years and many of them are definitely worth trying. 

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Some of these couples are famous for dressing up in perfectly complementary looks every year, so we can't wait to see what looks they continue to pull off each year!

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But, until then, here are 15 amazing couple costumes brought to us from some of our fave celebrity pairs. 


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