The Pregnant Kylie Jenner Halloween Costume Is Already a Thing

Kylie Jenner

It's only been days since news of Kylie Jenner's pregnancy leaked (and it hasn't even been confirmed by the star herself yet), but there's already a sexy Halloween costume of the 20-year-old mom-to-be, complete with baby bump. Yandy has already put together a pregnant Kylie Jenner Halloween costume, and while we wish we could say we were surprised, we're really not.

  • It's called the "Reality Star in the Making" costume.

    Because of course Kylie Jenner is her own brand, so her name can't be used. But come on. Yandy is notorious for creating sexy versions of Halloween costumes. Remember Sexy Donald Trump? Yeah.

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  • The costume description proclaims, "Boost your show's ratings in this exclusive Reality Star in the Making costume."

    It features a white, V-neckline dress with criss-cross spaghetti straps, and a ruched and wrapped bodice. And of course that "faux pregnant belly with a tie back closure."

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  • Wig and cell phone for a multitude of selfies not included.

    Sorry, friends, you'll have to provide your own jet-black layered locks, iPhone, and stilettos. They're probably worth it to complete your pregnant Kylie look though.

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  • Kylie hasn't commented on the costume (or the pregnancy at all).

    So it may seem premature to market a costume like this ... but then again, with a sexy version of everything these days, why not?