Kim Kardashian Was Convinced She Had a Miscarriage With North West

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Just when we thought we knew everything about Kim Kardashian, she goes and reveals something new. On Sunday, on the Kardashians' tenth anniversary special on E!, Kim revealed that she thought she miscarried North -- and it wasn't just her being neurotic. Something seriously scary happened during her pregnancy.


During the special, Kim told Ryan Seacrest -- and the millions of fans who were watching -- that at one point during her pregnancy, she was told that there was no heartbeat. "I was so scared, I was having so much pain. I mean, at one point I thought I had a miscarriage -- I was pretty certain about it," Kim explained. "I didn't know what was going on. I flew all the way home on Thanksgiving and the doctor told me, 'There's no heartbeat, you had a miscarriage. Let's get through it, come in after Thanksgiving dinner.'"

But something miraculous happened. When Kim visited her doctor again, things changed for the better. "I went in that morning and he was like, 'There's a heartbeat, you didn't have a miscarriage!' and I was like, Oh my God, this is a sign,'" Kim revealed of the intense experience. "It was such an emotional Thanksgiving, and Kourtney was the only one that knew about it. Her and Kanye, because we were in Miami living together."

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Talk about crazy. It wasn't like Kim assumed she was having a miscarriage on her own. She was told by her doctor that there wasn't a heartbeat, and then boom! The heartbeat magically reappeared. 

The irony of the whole situation was that, not long before Kim found out she was pregnant, she and Khloe had visited a fertility doctor, who told Kim that she ought to think about freezing her eggs because she would have a hard time getting pregnant. 

Initially, Kim wasn't happy about her pregnancy, as she thought it was the end of life as she knew it. "I remember calling Kanye and he thought a family member had died because I was so hysterical," Kim said. "I thought my life was over, [because] I was pregnant. It was so hard for me. But obviously it's the best thing that ever happened to me."

Whatever you believe in, it sounds like North was determined to be in this world and Kim was meant to be a mother. And that makes us happy.

The world works in mysterious ways sometimes, doesn't it, Kim?

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