Kylie Jenner Is Not Too Young to Have a Baby So Take a Chill Pill, Mommy Shamers

Kylie Jenner
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About two seconds after the news broke that Kylie Jenner is reportedly pregnant with her first child, people started making comments about her being too young to be a mom already. The woman is 20 years old -- the exact same age I was when I had my first child -- so I can tell all the age-shamers they don't know what they're talking about.


Quite a few people voiced their opinions that Kylie shouldn't be having kids when she's still practically one herself. Someone tweeted, "My only thought on Kylie Jenner's pregnancy is: isn't 20 a very young age to have your first child? In this day and age? Wow." Another added, "Kylie Jenner is my age, surely she can't be prrgnant [sic] right. In what way is she ready to be a mother? How does someone so rich not use [birth control]."

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton even went to far as to suggest that Kylie get an abortion. You know, because abortion apparently solves all the problems, like getting pregnant before you're legally able to have a glass of wine with dinner.

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All of this age-related mommy shaming nonsense needs to stop. Kylie is more than ready to become a mom, and it has nothing to do with her age. She's ready because no one is ever ready to become a mom, regardless of how old they are when they discover that they're growing a tiny human in their belly.

Kylie got pregnant right before she turned 20, and I finally have something in common with the Life of Kylie star, because that's how old I was when I got pregnant with my first. If the rumors are true about her being due in February, we'll both have given birth well before our 21st birthdays.

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Was I ready to become a mom? Absolutely not. But who the heck ever is? You can read every book on pregnancy, watch every birth show, and interview every mom you know about how to survive those sleepless nights, bouts of colic, and baby's first fever, but until you live it, you don't even know.

So what if she hasn't been dating Travis Scott all that long? Sure there's the possibility that they'll break up, but I'm not with my daughter's father anymore either and I promise you it is OK. Being a good mom does not depend on a woman being in a relationship. Crazy concept, I know, but it's true.

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Kylie is a grown woman with her crap together. She runs a multimillion dollar company, Kylie Cosmetics. She doesn't run around partying, doing drugs, or even drinking, as far as we know. She signs her own deals, has her own spin-off reality show, and generally seems to have her head pretty squarely on her shoulders.

Will having a child at 20 cause her to grow up even more? Yup -- but that happens to every mom, regardless of how old she is when she has a baby. It's a club no one is ever quite prepared to join, but oh is it worth it. Kylie's going to figure it out, just like every single mother on the planet has before her. Stop pretending she won't just because she's young.

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