This Princess Diana Doll Just Got the Most Realistic-Looking Makeover

princess diana doll
Noel Cruz/Facebook

Fans of the royal family, rejoice: A Princess Diana doll just received a royal makeover that does the late princess justice.

  • California-based Noel Cruz was the painter behind the (more realistic-looking) tribute.

    The Franklin Mint doll, which originally had bright robotic eyes and and odd-looking eyebrows, recently resold on eBay for a winning bid of $1,050, and had a starting price of $350, according to the original listing.

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  • To complete the makeover, Cruz repainted her face and restyled her hair.

    From the eyebrows to the eyes and teeth, his rendition looks almost exactly like her.

    For other doll repaintings, he sometimes fixes their bodies to look more like the actual person.

  • When put against a backdrop, it almost looks just like a photograph.

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    She kind of lives on forever with this new and improved doll, don't you think?

  • Fans of Princess Diana and Cruz definitely agree. But we can only wonder what the royal family would think.

    "Wonder how the Duke of Cambridge and Prince Harry will react when they see this .. this is amazing ... " one commenter on Instagram writes.

    "You should gift it to her granddaughter," someone else writes.

    We bet that would be an unparalleled gift for the little royals to remember Diana by.