The New Details About Audrina Patridge's Restraining Order Are Every Mother's Worst Nightmare

Audrina Patridge
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For a mother, your greatest wish is to protect your child from all harm. New details are emerging about Audrina Patridge's volatile relationship with husband Corey Bohan that reveal alleged violent encounters with the couple's 15-month-old daughter Kirra nearby, which is a parent's worst nightmare.


The 32-year-old Hills alum, who recently filed for divorce from her longtime love (Audrina and Corey married 10 months ago, but have been together on and off since 2008), made some pretty major allegations -- including claims of abuse and suicide threats -- against her husband in a statement submitted September 18 to receive a temporary restraining order.

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"[Bohan] has become increasingly possessive, angry, agitated and jealous of my work and travel schedule," Patridge asserts in the documents, Us Weekly reports. "His aggressive behavior usually escalates whenever I am paying attention to work obligations, rather than to him. When we are apart he texts me obsessively, rattling my nerves and making it difficult for me to concentrate on my work commitments."

Patridge also describes a violent meeting with Bohan in their toddler daughter's bedroom on September 6 that took a turn for the scary.

"We were playing her mini guitar, and he came into the room saying how f--ked up I am from my childhood, and it must have really been bad because I'm so f--ked up. At that point I started recording what he was saying to me on my phone, and he then said he was waiting for me to 'grow some balls and pull the trigger and file for divorce.'"

Sadly, the reality star's allegations don't stop there, as People reveals Patridge had another frightening encounter with her husband on August 16.

... but this time with her daughter Kirra in her arms.

Audrina Patridge with daughter Kirra

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"... [Bohan] was being very aggressive with me, arguing, following me into every single room of the house, repeating himself, getting really close to me as his temper escalated, all because I refused to tell him which person told me that he cheated on me with another woman," Patridge declares in her statement. She continues:

"I became frightened and said I would talk to him but he needed to let me take our daughter to my grandma's house or my parents' house so she wasn't in the cross-fire.

He wasn't listening and kept following me, cussing, yelling at me. I had Kirra in my arms, trying to leave. [Bohan] locked the door and pushed me back with her in my arms. I begged him to please let me go and take Kirra somewhere else, I didn't want her around all this.

He then picked up my backpack and purse and threw everything on the floor. He started punching and hitting himself on the head. Then he punched a hole in our bedroom door. I was very frightened and started screaming and covered Kirra's eyes and ears, but she started crying and screaming."

And as if this situation isn't bad enough, Us Weekly reveals Patridge's husband has already violated his restraining order, just one day after it was granted.


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It's hard to imagine how Patridge is coping, though a source close to her tells People she's looking to her loved ones during this difficult time. "Audrina is leaning on her family. She is extremely close with her parents [Lynne and Mark], brother [Marky] and sister and they are all supporting her," the insider claims. "They're a very tight family and protective of her. They just want what’s best for Audrina and Kirra."

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