Fans Are Concerned That Kendra Caldwell's Marriage Will Ruin Her Life


Earlier this month, the Duggar family celebrated yet another wedding for one of their kids. Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar tied the knot and seem so happy together, so there's no need to worry, right? Maybe not. Fans are concerned about Kendra now that she's married at just 18 years old.


Of course, the Duggars do things a little bit differently, so Kendra marrying Joseph so young isn't that unusual -- women in their religion are mostly relegated to becoming wives and mothers when they grow up, and even Joy-Anna was only 19 when she married Austin Forsyth. But as it turns out, the fans' concerns go a little bit deeper than that. 

As Life & Style pointed out, they hit the comments in full force when Kendra and Joe shared a video about their wedding on the official Duggar Facebook. While some were there to cheer the new couple on, others wanted to make sure their fears were heard. 

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Apparently fans are worried that Kendra will be oppressed by joining the Duggar family, and that nobody should be celebrating this marriage because of the negative things it could mean for her future. It seems that the comments did their job, though, because the Duggars have since removed the video from their Facebook page.

We doubt Kendra would have married Joseph if she didn't want to, and from what we've seen, several of the Duggar women have pursued their own interests freely in the past. Jinger is happily wearing pants, exploring Laredo, Texas, and working on her photography even though she's married to Jeremy Vuolo, and Jill has set off to do missionary work outside the country. If Kendra wants to get an education, we'd hope Joseph would support her in that. 

We really hope there's no reason to be worried here, but it's sweet of fans to be so protective of the newest member of the Duggar clan. 

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