Kylie Jenner Bailed on Megyn Kelly Interview -- Wait Until You Hear Why

Janet Mayer/Splash News

All of Kris Jenner's daughters were poised to be interviewed by Megyn Kelly from the Today show. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe Kardashian went through their questioning from Kelly, as did Kendall and Kris Jenner. Kylie was there, too, but at the very last minute decided she didn't want to take part. We're now learning why Kylie bailed on the interview and we can't say we blame her. 


Megyn was set to ask the Kardashians and Jenners all the tough questions, of course. And while Kylie has grown up with this type of exposure all her life, she's still the youngest of the bunch and perhaps a little more shielded than the rest. This is evidenced by her sister Kendall coming to her defense on why Kylie decided to bail on the interview. "My litttle sister has an insane business," Kendall said, according to Page Six. She certainly does ... and she's only 20! But that still isn't an excuse. Still, we support her decision. Her business is "insane" and maybe she just felt overwhelmed by it all and chatting with Megyn was a bit too much for her. But then we learned more.

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Sources close to the situation reportedly told Page Six that Kylie was worried about what kind of questions Megyn would ask. There is no doubt she would be asking all the tough stuff -- about the boyfriend, the ex-boyfriend, the lips, her ever-changing looks -- all the things that are under continuous speculation. Cancel? We can't blame her one bit for doing so. Maybe all the pressure from the biz, her new show Life of Kylie, and the fact that every little thing she does is put under a microscope is getting to be a little too much for her. She just didn't want to deal. So she basically told Megyn Kelly, Not today, my friend. Not today. 

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To that, we say -- good for you, Kylie! If she isn't feeling it or thinks something doesn't feel right, she should speak up for herself. Or, in this case, stay quiet when it came to giving an interview which would have been analyzed every which way. Even if Kylie stayed mum on a tough question, people may assume things that weren't true. We applaud her for doing what felt right to her and deciding to cancel. It's always best to listen to your instincts.

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