Prince William May Have Just Dropped a Hint About Kate Middleton's Due Date

kate middleton and prince william
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Historically speaking, once we find out Kate Middleton is pregnant (via her being rushed to the hospital with awful morning sickness), we don't get too many more details about the baby. For instance, with George and Charlotte, we didn't know if the duchess was having a boy or a girl, or the approximation of her due dates. Now, though, Prince William may have dropped a hint about the due date of baby number three. Spoiler alert: This royal baby may be coming at us sooner than we thought. 


Being that the standard time women tell people they're expecting is after they've gotten through the first three months, people have been speculating that William and Kate will be welcoming their next child sometime in April of next year. But! During an visit with Spitalfields Crypt Trust, a charity that supports people dealing with homelessness and addiction in East London, the duke let it slip that the baby may be coming earlier than that. 

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According to Elle, after a midwife congratulated William on his third baby, the duke thanked her and replied, "All the best with the midwifery, I may see you sooner than you think."

Sooner than you think? What does that mean?!

Of course, this doesn't lend too much in the way of specifics, but perhaps the Cambridges will be adding the next to their brood before April. Going off her last two pregnancies, Kate can't be too far along if she's still as sick as she is. But it's also doubtful she's deep into her second trimester just yet. Gah! So many questions!

It's unlikely the duke and duchess will give us too many details as Kate's pregnancy progresses, but, going off of the size of her bump, we can guesstimate at least. 

It's not much, but we'll take it. 

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