Kim Kardashian's Thong Bikini Is So Tiny You Might Miss It

kim kardashian
Jackie Brown/Splash News

So much for subtlety. In order to close out the summer in style, Kim Kardashian wore her tiniest bathing suit (ever?) on Tuesday while hitting the beach with her assistant/BFF, Stephanie Shepherd. Kim frolicked in the sand and ocean with little more than a loin cloth on and not a care in the world. And if we're being honest here, if we looked like Kim does in a G-string, we'd be pretty damn carefree, too. 


The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star had no problem showing off her amazing figure in a super high-cut thong bikini, her blond hair blowing in the wind. While the Selfish author certainly isn't shy about showing off her body, it isn't every day that we get candid beach shots. To say Kim looks incredible is an understatement. 

Yowza. That is one hot mama. 

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Typically speaking, Kim isn't really the "go hang out at the beach for a day" type, so it is a little curious that she was spotted chilling out in Malibu earlier on this week. Perhaps she wanted to get one last hurrah in before fall hits, or perhaps she wanted to set the record straight on those ridiculous "cellulite photos." Get it right, people: Kim's bum is as smooth as the day is long. 

Whatever Kim's motives are for being snapped looking so fine, we're here for them. Girl is slaying in that suit. We bow down.

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