How Queen Elizabeth Has Been Training Prince William to Be King

Queen Elizabeth, Prince William
Max Mumby/Indigo/Contributor/Getty Images

We know that Prince William will one day become the King of England. The big question that remains is when, as there's been speculation for years that Prince Charles may skip the job entirely and let it go straight to his son after Queen Elizabeth II steps down.


The queen is the longest-ranking monarch in British history, making Charles the longest heir-in-waiting. But he might not ever even get the chance to become king, if recent royal rumblings are to be believed. 

It turns out that Elizabeth, 91, has been preparing Will to take over the thrown for years -- starting when he was just a teenager. And Will has apparently loved it, calling his grandmother the "ultimate mentor."

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According to Robert Lacey, royal historian and consultant on the Netflix series The Crown, "There has always been a special closeness between William and the Queen, and she has taken a particular interest in him."

He told People magazine for their cover story this week, "It's no secret that she and Charles have had a prickly relationship at times ... When William became a teenager, she would have him at Windsor Castle and would open the state boxes and guide him through the papers. It was William's constitutional education."

Last year, William told the BBC that Elizabeth was "the best role model I could have," and that her input is "more of a soft influencing, modest kind of guidance. I don't think she believes too heavily in instruction." He added, "My grandmother takes more of a passive role in how she believes her role should be ... She's above politics."

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We love that Queen Elizabeth started William young. In all likelihood, Charles will be king someday before Will takes over, but it's eventually going to happen. After years of watching his grandmother manage the reins, he'll be more than ready.

Will and Kate have already stepped up in a number of roles to fulfill their royal responsibilities, and now that Queen E's husband, Prince Philip, has officially retired from public duty, be prepared to see them even more. Once Kate is feeling better from her horrific morning sickness, that is.

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