15 Times Celebrities Dressed as Other Celebrities for Halloween

Kayla Boyd | Sep 20, 2017 Celebrities
15 Times Celebrities Dressed as Other Celebrities for Halloween

kylie jenner as christina aguilera

Dressing up like a favorite celebrity is a very popular concept when trying to decide what to be for Halloween -- even for other celebrities. In fact, celebrities seem to love dressing up like other stars, and many of them pull it off perfectly. They seriously might have people doing a double-take or thinking they traveled back in time. Utilizing an iconic throwback look or imitating someone's signature style really takes some of these costumes to the next level. 

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Whether these celebrities dressed up to pay homage to an idol or they just did it for laughs, they really went all out. Many of these costumes are actually great ideas for other people to try to mimic as well, so they may even provide a little bit of costume inspiration.

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With all the singers, actors, models, and television personalities out there, it's interesting to see who these celebrities chose to look like for a night. Some are straight-up stunning and others are hilarious. 

Here are 15 times a celebrity totally nailed dressing up as another famous person for Halloween. I wonder who will dress up as who this year? 

And let us know -- which one here is your fave?


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