Kim Kardashian Accused of Stealing Rihanna's Shoe Design

kim kardashian
Jackson Lee/Splash News

Watch out, Kim. RiRi fans are fired up. On Monday, Kim Kardashian shared a few new pieces from her kids' line on Twitter, and naturally, fans were excited. However, when one of Kim's latest The Kids Supply x AKID designs made its way to social media -- a pair of fluffy sliders -- fans got upset because the design looked eerily similar to one of Rihanna's Fenty x Puma products. And, as you may surmise, Rihanna's fans let Kim know. 


When a pair of fluffy tan children's sliders was tweeted, fans were quick to pounce on Kim for "stealing" Rihanna's idea. 

And, no, they didn't mince words. 

And things didn't stop there. One fan let Kim know that "RiRi just does everything better," while another simply said, "Girl bye." And one particularly creative fan posted a meme that stated, "B***h, what the f**k?" Lovely. 

More from CafeMom:

Of course, there were some fans who stuck up for Kim, and we kind of have to say that we agree. After all, furry sliders have been around for a while now -- they're sold everywhere. And Kim's are being marketed toward kids (North has a few pairs of furry sliders), while Rihanna's are for adults. 

From the looks of things, Kim doesn't seem to care about the comments too much, as they're all still up on her Twitter page and she hasn't taken the time to respond. We're guessing that if it really gets to her, she'll give everyone a call and let them know how heartbroken she is. 

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