Meghan Markle Hints That a Move to London Is in the Works

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Every day there's a new rumor hinting that a Meghan Markle/Prince Harry betrothal is imminent, and today is no different. The latest piece of the puzzle comes in the form of a report claiming Meghan is planning a move to the UK this December in order to be with her man. A permanent hop across the pond, eh? Certainly sounds like love to us.


Neither the prince nor the Suits actress have confirmed this information to be true (natch), but a few seriously stealth investigators recently discovered that Meghan unexpectedly canceled the lease on her car -- which obviously means she's moving to London, right?  

Sources told the Daily Mail that Meghan canceled her contract with Audi North America several months earlier than expected due to the fact that the humanitarian has no need for the luxury car as she plans to "spend more time in the UK" starting in November. 

More from CafeMom:

Currently, Meghan is living in Toronto and shooting Suits, but, like the rest of the cast, her contract is up at Christmas. Most people (mainly the media) are under the assumption that, after then, she'll be written off of the show and will officially move to the UK to be with Harry. 

Typically, Meghan and Harry don't discuss their relationship, but earlier on this month, the actress gave an interview to Vanity Fair, where she confirmed her relationship with the royal, and even said that they're "in love."

From the looks of things, it doesn't seem like Meghan, or Harry, plan on discussing things any further. But, clearly, the same can't be said for the rest of us. We want info, guys. 

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