Jessa Duggar's Toddler Son Gets a Lesson on Babies All Moms Can All Relate To

Spurgeon Seewald

Babies are adorable, but they do have their gross moments. Jessa (Duggar) Seewald's son Spurgeon got that lesson in real life recently, when he tried to crawl into his baby brother's pack 'n' play, and got a handful of something gross.


The Counting On star posted a video on her Instagram of Spurgeon, 22 months, attempting to crawl through an opening of his baby brother Henry's portable crib. Unfortunately, the 7-month-old had just spit up, and Spurge got his hand all up in it.

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He was definitely not impressed by the "sick," as he kept saying. Jess recorded it, and as gross as baby vomit is, Spurgeon somehow makes it easier to deal with by being so gosh darn cute himself!

We love how upset he gets over that tiny bit of spit up. Seriously, kid, we're sure Jessa has dealt with much worse situations. Even so, his little voice saying, "Eww! Yuck! Sick, sick ... sick! It's a mess!" is precious. 

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The best part is when Jessa asks her son if he wants to get in there with Henry, and all he offers is a "No." We can almost hear what he's thinking in his mind -- mother, please. No decent human being would crawl in there with that sick on the sheet.

And Henry's face is priceless. Don't act so innocent, bro. It's not like you haven't been here and done this.

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