26 Mortifying Celebrity Wardrobe Malfunctions

Kayla Boyd | Sep 18, 2017 Celebrities

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Tom Kingston/Getty Images

It's embarrassing enough anytime someone has a wardrobe malfunction, but imagine if it happened in front of hundreds of photographers and fans. Sounds mortifying, right?! Well, there are plenty of celebrities whose expensive gear didn't quite hold them in like it was supposed to and left them showing some things they probably didn't expect to. And while many would hate to admit it, the schadenfreude (that's taking pleasure in someone else's failure) is real for lots of folks. 

Whether it was on the red carpet, on stage, or on set, celebrities are just as likely to suffer from an outfit mishap as the rest of us. Actually, since many of them are usually dressed in short party dresses while dancing on stage or in sheer gowns with plunging necklines, they are probably even more prone to disaster. 

Sometimes celebrities handle their wardrobe malfunctions with grace, pretending like it didn't even happen -- and sometimes they look completely mortified (not that we blame them).  

Here are 26 celebrity wardrobe malfunctions that totally give us secondhand embarrassment -- these celebrity "Oops" might just make a person blush! 

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