Kate Middleton Could Be Maid of Honor at Meghan Markle's Wedding

kate middleton
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The next (potential) royal wedding could be much more exciting than we ever dreamed. According to a new report, Meghan Markle wants Kate Middleton to be her maid of honor, and has already officially asked the duchess. Meghan must be one confident lady -- having the future queen as your maid of honor is a surefire way to have some of your thunder stolen on your big day. 


Numerous insiders have been claiming that Prince Harry is set to propose to the Suits actress any day now. Meghan apparently met the queen at a royal barbecue recently, where Harry reportedly asked her permission to pop the question.

While plans are underway, Meghan supposedly sent the duchess a gift, along with a note, asking her to be her maid of honor. According to Women's Day, the actress sent Kate a rose gold diamond bracelet worth about $2,000. Not too shabby.

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Being that Meghan and Harry aren't officially engaged yet (to our knowledge), it's a little hard to believe that she's already asked Kate to be her maid of honor. (Also, are the girls even that close?) Of course, that said, nothing is out of the question when it comes to the royal family -- or what people will do for love. It's believed that Meghan reached out to Kate out of respect for Harry and William's close relationship. 

With all of the royal wedding talk that's been happening lately, Harry is bound to pop the question one of these days. But as for whether or not Kate will be adjusting Meghan's train before she walks down the aisle, that remains to be seen. 

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