Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian's Domestic Violence Case Ends With an Unexpected Outcome

blac chyna and her lawyers
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The idea of these two ever reaching any sort of remotely amicable agreement is kind of far-fetched, given their explosive history, but lo and behold -- Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have settled their domestic violence case, and have even worked out a custody plan for baby Dream.


According to Blac's attorney, she has decided to go ahead and drop the case against Rob, now that the former couple managed to work things out behind closed doors.

Rob and Blac were actually scheduled to appear in court earlier this week to potentially extend the restraining order she had secured against him after he went on his revenge porn tirade a few months ago, where he shared nude photos of her. To say the pictures were explicit is a huge understatement, so it wasn't the least bit surprising that the two of them wound up in a legal battle.

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Though the restraining order is due to expire next week, apparently Rob has agreed to "keep his distance" from Blac going forward. (Yeah. We'll believe that when we see it.)

No more details of their agreement were released by Blac's legal team, but one of her lawyers did indicate that they have agreed to a co-parenting plan when it comes to custody of Dream.

Based on this photo posted by Rob's sister Khloe Kardashian earlier in the week, it's clear that regardless of what has happened between her parents, Dream seems to be a very happy, well-cared-for little girl.

rob kardashian daughter dream

And while we aren't exactly holding our breaths as far as Rob and Blac remaining amicable for the long haul, for Dream's sake, we sure hope that they will consider her needs and well-being first before one of them decides to fly off the handle and do something outrageous. After all, someday when she's older, Dream is going to get wind of all this drama, so keeping it to a minimum from here on out is probably not a bad idea.

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