15 Times the Kardashians Made Us LOL

the kardashians
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Of course we love the Kardashians for their killer style, the wide range of products they create, and the inevitable drama they face on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But one of the best things about watching them, whether on TV or social media, is their wild sense of humor. If you think about it, the family is actually pretty hilarious without even trying. Their snarky comments and weird interactions are enough to make anyone chuckle. 


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The stuff Khloe says, the nonchalant comebacks Kourtney makes, and the dramatized moments of Kim's everyday life definitely make for some good comedy -- I guess that's why they have their own show in the first place, right? 

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They all make fun of each other, they all prank each other, and they all say some pretty off-the-wall stuff so it's no wonder so many of us can't help but tune in for every new season of KUWTK. Although things can get pretty intense in their lives and we've witnessed some of their more serious situations, we will always love getting to see the lighter moments when they have us dying laughing at the TV screen. 

Here are 15 of the Kardashians most hilarious moments.