Kate Middleton Makes a Specific Style Change Every Time She's Pregnant

kate middleton
Retropix/Splash News

Kate Middleton has confirmed her third pregnancy, and with this announcement comes another change -- and it has to do with her style. It's a change that is subtle enough to go without connection, and yet it's so telling. Kate gets a haircut just before revealing her pregnancy. It happens each time, and there is a good reason for the change.


Of course, when Kate cuts her hair, people notice. And perhaps that is strategic -- when people are analyzing her newly sheared strands, they aren't paying attention to a growing baby bump. Could this be a distraction in the early days of pregnancy as to avoid major speculation and the pressure of a big reveal before she's ready? It could be. However, if we look at a stylist's opinion, the cutting of the locks in early pregnancy is a really good idea for another reason.

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Hairstylist Paul Edmonds told Hello magazine that many expectant moms experience thinning hair due to having a baby. As a mom, I can attest that my hair grew longer and faster, and felt thicker during pregnancy. But I experienced hair loss in the weeks and months after birth. This is very common. Cutting your hair during pregnancy can help set your hair up for the best version of itself as your hair changes during pregnancy's trimesters. Edmonds told Hello, "I like to create a maximum look for minimum care, blunt edged bobs softened with internal layers and those with longer layers are kept blunt. Once the baby is born these styles are often far more manageable, as we all know finding the time to even shower and style the hair is almost impossible!" 

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This is exactly the look Kate went for -- and it shows her practical side ... and perhaps the fact she has a mindful stylist. Her new 'do is fabulous, of course. Though now that we know this detail and its connection to being with child, we may be speculating future pregnancies whenever Kate cuts her hair.

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