Prince George's School Was Reportedly Broken Into

Prince George School
RICHARD POHLE/Contributor/Getty Images

This is not what Kate Middleton needs right now! The royal family must be having quite the fright right now, after a woman was arrested trying to beak into Prince George's new school, Thomas's Battersea.


A 40-year-old woman was arrested on Tuesday on "suspicion of attempted burglary" of Prince George's school. The unidentified woman is reportedly still in custody, and the Metropolitan Police Service released a statement saying that they're working closely with the educational institution to review security.

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It's unknown if the attempted robbery had anything to do with the 4-year-old prince's attendance, and it's believed that George was not on campus at the time of the break-in, thank goodness.

An eyewitness told the Evening Standard that he "heard sirens and saw a police van driving towards the school at about 3 p.m. on Wednesday." Another local woman said she saw law enforcement in the area, and that she "can't believe" that someone managed to break past the "loads" officers. "There is no way, I would have thought, you would get past that front door," she said.

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Prince George had his first day of school last Thursday, when he was accompanied in by his dad, Prince William. Kate was reportedly "devastated" to miss his first day, but was home sick, battling severe morning sickness during her third pregnancy.

This is the last thing she needs right now, with so much else on her mind. Thankfully, Kensington Palace said they're working closely with Thomas's Battersea to make sure Prince George and his classmates all stay safe.

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