Prince George's Favorite Toy Proves He's Just a Regular Kid

prince george with mom and dad and charlotte
James Whatling/Splash News

He may eat lamb ragout for his school lunch, but in some ways, Prince George really is just an average 4-year-old. During an appearance at McLaren Automotive's headquarters in Woking, Surrey, on Tuesday, Prince William revealed George's favorite toy -- and it's so not as fancy as you think. 


According to People, after the duke was shown a massive, 280,000-brick model of a McLaren 720S sports car, he quickly said, "Wow, my son would love this. My son's very into Lego and he'd love this. It's incredible."

Legos, people. Prince George is just like our kids. And if the little royal doesn't clean up his toys, Kate Middleton and Prince William are just like us -- silently cursing after stepping on an errant Lego in the middle of the night. We have so much more in common with the royal family than we thought, no?

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As for William, his interests are a little more posh. "I'm a car enthusiast. I don't know very much about cars but I like speed," he said when asked about his hobbies. But then, being the down to earth dad that he is, he asked a crucial question when sitting in a $280,000 McLaren 720S. "The key question is does it have a coffee cup holder?" he joked. "It may be a fast car, but does it have a coffee cup holder?"

Ah, Wills, you're so dang lovable. 

For all of the fancy things in their lives, both Prince George and Princess Charlotte seem to be pretty grounded. From what we've heard, Charlotte is into Disney princesses and now George with his Legos? It's almost like they're begging us to be their best friends, no?

We're ready, guys. Just say the word. 

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