Prince George's School Lunches Are Fancier Than a 4-Star Restaurant

prince george first day of school
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If you thought Prince William and Kate Middleton were sending Prince George to school with a few Goldfish crackers and a Lunchable for lunch every day, boy are you wrong. A new report revealed Prince George's incredibly fancy school lunch, and all we can say is: Who do we need to call for a reservation?


The school's website gives a few sample menus, and we're seriously impressed with the seemingly endless options. Prince George can choose from lamb ragout with garlic and fresh herbs, tomato and avocado bruschetta, baked smoked mackerel, freshly prepared poached haddock, free range chicken with minced chili con carne and three bean ratatouille, among many other seriously amazing culinary delights. Each day, kids choose between a meat, fish, or vegetarian dish, and they also get a starter, soup of the day, and freshly baked bread. Naturally, there also are choices for children with food allergies.

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For dessert, children can pick through an equally impressive list, all with items that sound delicious, as well as healthy. A few options are custard tarts, cookies, tropical fruit smoothies, and milkshakes. (Milkshakes at preschool! What!)

Not surprisingly, the lunches don't come cheap. The duke and duchess pay $8,350 per term in order for George to eat like the future king that he is. Being that they have the money, it's totally worth it, as Thomas's Battersea says that it does not knowingly use "convenience or processed" foods, undesirable additives, or hydrogenated fats in its recipes. What parent doesn't like the sound of that?

From the sound of things, Prince George landed a spot at a pretty sweet school (shocker!). Hopefully, he's enjoying his time there before returning home to his palace each afternoon, where he no doubt indulges in equally healthy and delicious foods. 

It sure is good to be Prince George. 

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